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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to lay this to rest once and for all.........

     There has been a tear in the rift of cryptozoology that has been an on again ongoing cluster #$%^. I don't really have to tell you about those involved....because you probably already know all of them. BUT, in case you are new to the community, I will post this rebuttal and I promise you, this will be the last I have to say on this matter and the clown that has brought the weight of the world down on his head all by his little lonesome.

     I am of course talking about Bigfoottim or Tim Fasano. Recently he stooped to the lowest of lows and rekindled hatred for fellow researchers. All this after crying the blues how everyone is stalking him, no one likes him, people make him out to be a hoaxer....etc. The main thing is that all the complaints, the call outs, the exposure of his ways, was ALL DOCUMENTED AND WITNESSED IN PERSON. He was caught red handed restarting a web site called Bigfoot Research Buster that had been shut down earlier this year, to do the same thing that he and another Ohio researcher claimed was defaming them. The only thing is....he didn't realize that there are those of us with far more resources to utilize to smoke out trash than he knew possible. I checked into the site when the former owner contacted me about it. It took me about 2 days to figure out where it was coming from. In fact...I contacted a couple of the members that Fasano had posted about and that was all it took to go public with what was deemed...The FACTS.

     One thing that Fasano needs to remember is that he was approached by a lot of good people in this business back when he but a few videos on his you tube site. There are many researchers here in Florida that will ot and do not alienate others in this field. His attitude was in a nutshell to tell them all to go to hell. Now he has griped, preached, and cried about what others were doing to him. Let's dissect his last post on the Bigfoot Buster site with clarification on each of his claims.

He starts with a recap of a Rod Sterling quote: “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, explosions, and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, and prejudices to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill; suspicion can destroy. Moreover, a frightened, thoughtless search for a scapegoat can have a fallout all its own.”

     Then he goes into how it's a universal metaphoric statement about the deviousness of the Bigfoot community. When in fact's YOUR deviousness and YOUR mind which fits the statement more exactly.

     NO ONE made fun of the work you done in the field until you were OBSERVED and caught spreading the tales that got you your reputation. And it became a reputation and a tag that stuck to you like glue to the point that the only people that would have anything to do with you was Carmine Tom Biscardi and a few people from up north and a couple naive housewives from Canada. I have talked to countless others that only watch your videos for their comic relief value and to see you blow up like you do so often.

     This line of thinking goes all the way back before your failed run for congress in 2008. You were posting hatred rants. Whatever happened to the fasanoforcongress web site? How about your racist remarks about MLK day. Seems you threw some Rod Sterling in that one too. I remember one of your postings on one of your many web sites claiming how Christmas of 2007 was the first time you had ever been camping. Now we here about your "YEARS" of doing research on Florida Skunk Apes is really hard to do when you are more or less a weekend warrior and there are only 52 weekends in a year. There some of us that have spent weeks and even months in the woods. We know what we are talking about.

     The comments you were receiving on your videos that you had to "block" was indeed coming from researchers that have spent a whole LOT MORE time in the field than you. The recording you made were nothing but common animals that we have heard and disclosed in the past. You blocked them because you didn't WANT to hear the truth. This is your answer to everything. If you got called out on one of your videos because soeone knew blocked the person and took the video down because you didn't want to hear that as well.

     You claim that people were talking about the way you look. go and post something like this?

I quote: All of the major blogs refused to mention me in their post.

      Well by the summer of 2010, when you should have been making a name for yourself and your research, the BF community had already had enough of you to know what you were all about.

I quote: I even started a Bigfoot Blog to join the club. I thought that was what you were supposed to do. Again, I was wrong.

      It wasn't the blog starting that was was starting etc. etc.
  And this doesn't even cover the countless nude video and photo sites you have. You seem to have a case of OCD when it comes to web sites. You...out of spite....even registered the name cryptoflorida, just get get even with's that workin out for ya. I had absolutely NO PLANS to register name in .com so I guess you spent your hard earned dollar at Go Daddy for no reason at all.

     When you were teetering on the edge, a good group of people decided to give you a shot and try to curb your enthusiasm somewhat. My hat is off to them. This is what you had to say ;

My contact person with the group basically ignored me the whole time and walked far ahead of me.

      Once again...I remember hearing from this person that you were the one dragging your feet because you are so out of shape and were huffing and puffing and wheezing the entire way. We've heard it time and time again in almost all your videos. Also you wanted to stop and film every moving leaf and every shadow in the dark.....WHY? I gathered you were using this as an excuse to get everyone to slow down to your pace. REMEMBER...these people have been at this a lot longer to even admitted it. Remember the armadillo?

     Then there is the whole Tom Biscardi thing. I think this had been covered enough that his reputation precedes him  wherever he goes.

      Now let's cover the so called trolls. Trust me Tim...they are everywhere. I deal with them on a daily basis. I think you have so many because of all the people you block needing to express the truth so they have to go anonymously, or use other accounts to do so. I have seen this happen. Then there are the others that through your extensive online detective work you claim to be who they are not. You even thought the original Bigfoot Buster was who they were not. You just knew that I was Scott Hamilton for over a year. You claim My close friend Benjamin Daniel Overton who goes by the screen name Bendover was me....wrong again. It's true we had the same IP address. He was in Florida working the oil spill in the Gulf and was visiting me at the time he made the post. I cherish the day he returns from Iraq and sets you straight. His job keeps him from going onto social web sites due to security reasons. Last time we talked he going to try and be home for Christmas. til then.

     Now as far as the terrorist goes....laughable at best. He is no terrorist. He is a hard working individual that like Steve Kulls has separated himself from the Biscardi clan. What ever ties they may hold is their business, but I think the air is clear when you try and drag someones name through the mud in the fashion you did....expect the outcome you receive for your actions. I have seen both of the afore mentioned people on the tv set countless times and think you are just a bit jealous of this fact. Then there are some of us that DO NOT want the spot light shining so bright on us. To each their own.

     I actually caught on to who was behind the "NEW" Bigfoot Buster site after the second post came up. I am glad I made the mention to the terrorist. It set off the chain of events you are trying to cry your way out of with crocodile tears. No one feels sorry for you with the exception of the housewives in Canada. I personally have watched you filming in the woods. You do get away from your cab from time to time. But posting a few dozen 2 minutes videos with misleading titles to get people to watch them is one of the downfalls of your nature. A half hour of filming is good for a dozen of those videos like the repeated nude pictures you post from the Arizona shoot you attended a few years ago. You have started 99% of the fires in which you burn in. This will be the last time I will EVER mention your name in a post. Even if you muster up a reply, you are not worth my time and effort. I believe that most people in this community feel the same way and would love it if you just fade away. But you won''s not in your nature. So curl up in your hotel room, unless the landlord hasn't tossed you yet because you haven't paid the rent.

     We have heard you rave about a wife you never had and being a widow

     We have seen videos of shadows and pistures of tree stumps.

     We are over it............................................

By the way WTF is this?????????????????????????

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